A will is a legal declaration which lays out the fate of your property after your death. It names one or more of the persons to manage your estate & who receives your property and in what amounts.

Why Should you have a Will?
When a person dies without making a Will they are said, in law, to have died intestate.
This means that rather than having their estate distributed in accordance with their wishes as contained in a Will, the law takes over and the “intestacy rules” apply:

Deceased is Survived by How the Estate is Divided
Only surviving spouse Total Estate goes to the spouse
Only descendants Total Estate is divided between descendants
Spouse and descendants The spouse gets a child’s share (R125 000), and the balance is divided equally between the descendants
Both parents Total Estate is divided equally between both parents
One parent only Total Estate goes to the parent
One parent & descendants Half the Estate goes to the parent ; balance is divided equally amongst descendants
No spouse, No descendants , No parents, but descendants through mother & descendants through father Estate divided into two parts:Half to descendants through mother Half to descendants through father
No spouse, No descendants , No parents, No descendants through mother or father Estate goes equally to Blood Relatives that are nearest in degree of relationship.


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